Friday, January 28, 2011

Introduction :)

Hey Circles,
I am so excited to be starting this journey with you all and to get to know all of you over the months. To start off here is a brief introduction of my life. I am twenty-four years old and currently live in Costa Mesa with two amazing roommates who also go to Rock Harbor. I had been attending Rock Harbor for two years on and off.  Last February I moved up to Costa Mesa partly because I wanted to be close to work and  a huge part was to make Rock Harbor my home church. I love Rock Harbor for their worship and for their passion to teach the church to go out into the community and the world to be the hands and feet of Jesus. One thing I have been seeking this last year is for community at Rock Harbor. I have made some amazing friends but still seek for what community really looks like. I desire a community that looks like Acts. I wonder why our churches look so different from those in the Bible and why it is so hard to find a deep, real community that keeps one another accountable and encourages one another as they strive to share the gospel. I was so excited to have this opportunity to be in Circles and look forward to becoming a community together. :)

I come from a family of six. I have brothers that are twins that are three years younger then me and an older sister who is seven years older then me. I grew up in Lake Forest for most of my life. I was home schooled from third grade through high school. I know most people do not have a good view of homeschoolers but I feel that I am not the stereotypical homeschooler. I am not socially awkward and love to be around people ;) I was involved in sports and different outside classes so I don't feel that I missed out. Actually I am grateful to homeschooling for bringing my family together.

I am currently a nurse in the Emergency Department at Hoag Hospital. I have been a nurse for two and a half years. I am going back to school actually next month to start getting my bachelors in nursing. My passion for nursing is to be a global missionary. I don't know where God wants me to go but for now I do know that He has me here. He has been teaching me to trust Him with my life and to be at rest in knowing that He has a plan for me that is better then I could plan. The reason I named my blog 'Beautiful Feet' is that it is what I hope my life will portray. I want to bring good news and peace to the lost. I definitely pray for God's boldness to do that.

Anyways, that is a little snapshot of who I am but I look forward to sharing more of who I am with you all and getting to know each one of you in Circles.



  1. Glad to meet you, Ashley. Wear that homeschooler badge with pride. Don't you apologize for it!

  2. thanks so much for sharing :)

  3. I actually thought about pursuing nursing for a bit but realized I was petrified by it while I was going through an anatomy class and realized I couldn't really get over my squeamishness.

    I look forward to getting to know you!

  4. Nursing to be a global missionary?! How AMAZING is that :) Beautiful passion and so excited for where God is leading you. Excited to meet you in person soon.

  5. I am also a nurse at Hoag. I work Per diem nights (so I can be with my son most of the time) on 4 East. How great to meet a fellow Hoag nurse who also goes to Rock Harbor. I have found great listening opportunities as well at my patient's bedside...God gives me the opportunity to listen to patients and be used by him--the best part about being a nurse!